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Interactive: JMP and R

Jonie / 2019-04-01

General Summary

There’s many statistical analysis software, jmp and R are two of them.

R input JMP file

Also, there’s many ways to import data from other format to R, but there’s no directly way to import jmp data into R.


jmp <- COMCreate(“JMP.Application”)

doc = jmp$OpenDocument(“C:/Demo.jmp”)





JMP call R

JMP can also call R and return the calculated result or graphics to JMP.

Set Environment Variable( “R_HOME”, “E:\Program Files\R” );

dt = open(“$SAMPLE_DATA/Big Class.jmp”); // Open a dataset

R init(); // Initialize a R session R Send(dt); // Send the dataset to R Close(dt); // Close the data table of JMP

R_stdout = Log Capture(R Submit(” summary(lm(体重~身高,data=dt)) “));

R Submit(”



”); // Execute R code to plot a scatter plot with linear line plot = R Get Graphics(“png”); // Get the graphics object

dt_head = Log Capture(R Submit(” head(dt) “));

R Term();

New Window(“Linear regression from R”, Outline Box(“Picture”, Picture Box(plot) ), Tab Box( “Summary”, Outline Box(“Model Summary”, Text Box(R_stdout), ), “Raw Data”, Outline Box(“Raw Data”, V List Box( Text Box(“Raw Data with head lines”), Text Box(dt_head) ) ) ) );

Below is the output in JMP.